About Kota Sahodaya

Kota Sahodaya CBSE Schools Complex with 73 schools as members is the biggest Sahodaya Complex in the state of Rajasthan. The idea was initiated in December 2007 and by April 2008, the Complex took a final shape and becameactive.

This Sahodaya was formed with the sole idea of bringing all the CBSE schools on a common platform and develop a common understanding among the schools while keeping in pace with the current education scenario.

As a part of its regular feature every year Teacherís Day programme is celebrated on a very large scale, where one teacher from each school is honoured, inter-school games & sports are conducted, inter-school quiz, debate also form part of the activities. Apart from this conduction of Teacherís Workshop, Principalís Training Seminar etc. are conducted every year. Every member school hosts interschool activities to enhance the creativity of the students. All these activities are based on the nine Multiple Intelligences. Even eminent speakers are invited from outside to enhance the skills of teachers, Principals & other related staff members to enhance their skills and also update them with the latest techniques and policies of education..


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