Activities 2023 - 24
Kota Sahodaya
Spelling Competition 2023-24

It was a proud moment for LBS to host Interschool spellathon mania competition on 12 Oct. 2023. Overall 17 schools participated in the competition.
Participants were well prepared and presented themselves with clarity and confidence. The judges were also impressed with the performances and had a tough time in selecting the winners.
Top 3 schools were-
Bansal Public School
Disha Delphi public School
Army School

Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Cricket Tournament 2023-24
Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Handball Tournament 2023-24

This year Sahodaya Inter School Handball Championship was organised on 9th and 10th of October by Bhuvnesh Bal Vidyalaya, Kota. There were 7 boys team and 4 girls team from different CBSE schools from kota, who took participation in the tournaments.
It was inaugurated by Sh. S.L. Sharma Director, Bhuvnesh Bal Vidyalaya, Kota on 09th Oct 2023 at 09:00 a.m. Final was conducted in both categories on 10th Oct 2023. In boys category Bhuvnesh Bal Vidyalaya was winner and Shiv Jyoti Convent School, Rathkankra, Kota was 1st runner up
In girls category Bhuvnesh Bal Vidyalaya was winner and S.R. Public School, Dakniya, Kota was 1st runner up.
Closing Ceremony was presided by Mrs. Kapila Singh, Principal Bhuvnesh Bal Vidyalaya, Kota and Guest of Honour was Sh. Dilip Singh Gaur, (Ex. NIS Hand Ball Coach of SAI) Kota.

Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Sanskrit Competition 2023-24

Sanskrit is a beautiful contextual language. It is called �DevBhasha� the language of the soul.
Chanting Slokas helps improve concentration and memory. The slokas emit vibrations that activate the Chakras and help children to be calm. Through repetition, neurons get fired up and memory power improves. Slokas are in Sanskrit which is the mother of all languages and hence recitation helps children learn other languages well.
To experience the tranquillity and experience the fragrance of the same, Pragati Public Sr. Sec. School, conducted an Inter school Sanskrit Shloka Recitation Competition on 14th September 2023 under the aegis of Kota Sahodaya Schools Complex.
The programme started with a lightning of lamp by the Director of the School Dr. Parvez, Principal Mrs. Sarika Sharma and the eminent judges Senior Professors Ms. Priyanka Sharma and Mr. Chandra Prakash Sharma.
Learners dressed up according to the theme and chanted shloka in their bubbling voice. Shlokas for the competition were from Niti which conveyed good moral values to the students by employing the finer nuances of tone and rhythm. The renditions of Shlokas enthralled the audience. Students participated with lot of interest and were judged on the criteria of their Notes and Rhythm, memorization, pronunciation, voice modulation and presentation.

Nineteen CBSE schools under Kota Sahodaya participated in the event. The winners of the events are:
1st position - Pragati Public Sr. Sec. School
1st Runner up - Lawrence and Mayo Public School.
The winners were honored with trophies by the Director Dr. Parvez Khan. He congratulated the winners and appreciated the efforts of participants of the event.

Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Teacher's Day Celebration 2023-24
Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya    
Kota Sahodaya
Debate Competition 2023-24

Debate is not arguing, Its a healthy discussion among the two people of different view points. It is an art of expressing our views on the topic in an appealing and convincing way.Kota Sahodaya Schools Complex organised an Inter School English Debate Competition in KenBridge School on 29th August 2023 on the topic ' Overdependence on electronics is affecting the innate creativity of the children.The event started with lighting of the lamp by the judges and the guests . The aim of organizing debate competition was to bring together all the CBSE affiliated schools of Kota for presenting their debating skills .The session was the kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts and perspective that enhanced the knowledge and understanding about the topic.
To begin with, each participant spoke their mind on the rationale for the motion. Unsurprisingly, this led to a wide spectrum of contrasting views � from being heralded as an inevitable future, to being addicted to the gadgets. After every speaker a rebuttal round was there. The students expressed themselves with strong skills of communicating ideas. Points presented were accepted by the spectators with cheers and claps. Some of the points even made us think about the facts. There was so much talent in the room. Arguments were made and roved. The competition was so interesting with the exchange of student�s perspective by equally stating the merits and demerits of the use of technology and electronic devices.
26 CBSE Schools participated enthusiastically in the event.A total of 104 students participated. The event was judged by Professor Sanjay Chawla, Professor Seema Rathore and Professor Sandeep HoodaThe winners of this competition were:
Winners for the Motion1. First- Vatsalvya Sharma from RoopNagar Public School2. Second -Isha Dadich from KenBridge School3. Third-Kunal Khurana from Modern School Talwandi
Winners Against the motion
1. First -Simrira Sahni from Modern School Talwandi
2.Second- Rishi Gera from Disha Delphi Public School
3. Third -Palak Adlekha from KenBridge School

Rebuttal for the Motion
1.First -Pranay Jana from St. Joseph Public School
Rebuttal Against the motion
1. First -Timisa from Springdale Children School, Nayagaon
School Trophy - Modern School.
The event cilminated with vote of thanks by the School Principal Ms. Vandana Singh.

Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
English Recitation Competition 2023-24

Competition is designed to bring out the best in every contestant. With a variety of categories to choose, there's something for everyone to showcase their unique talents and skills.
Poem recitation holds a significant place in personal and educational contexts, fostering numerous benefits: Language skills, expression and emotion, memory and cognitive skills, confidence and public speaking, cultural appreciation, creativity and imagination.
Kota Sahodya School Complex organised INTERSCHOOL ENGLISH POEM RECITATION COMPETITION on 12 th August '23 i.e Saturday at KENBRIDGE SCHOOL, KOTA with the aim to provide students a platform to express themselves through their articulation, the competition was organized with great enthusiasm.
The Competition was conducted in two groups i.e Group A ( Class VI-VII) on theme- Nature and Group B (Class IX-XII) on theme- Humour .
The event was graced by the President and Secretary of Kota Sahodaya, Mr Pradeep Gaur and Ms. Lata Kothari as special guests. Professor Sanjay Chawla from Government College,Ms. Sapna Batla, HOD English in Govt. College and Ms.Jatinder Kohli from Govt College graciously accepted the proposal of being a Jury Member for the competition They were joined by several dignitaries from the education sector, providing an added sense of importance and stature to the event.
Congratulations to all of the winners for their hard work and dedication!
Group- A (VI-VII)
1st-Hardika ( Disha Delphi Public School)
2nd-Simrose (Modern School,NayaNohra)
3rd- Prachi (Lawrence and Mayo School)

Group B ( IX- XII)
1st- Jaskirat Kaur ( SirPadampat Singhania, School)
2nd- Mridu Jain ( DAV Public, School)
3rd- Ravleen Kaur ( Sprindales Children's School)
The event was a big success!
It was great to see people making Inter-School connections.

Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Inter School Table Tennis Tournament 2023-24

Bakhshi's Springdales Sr. Sec. School,Borkheda hosted Kota Sahodaya Inter School Table Tennis Tournament-2023which was held at Bakhshi's Springdales School,Chawani from 3rd to 5th Aug,2023. The Venue of this tournament is at a beautiful location which is in the centre of city. The venue has 4 new tables along with proper matting facility. The tournament is for U-14 Boys and U-19 Boys.The total number of entries received in U-14 Boys were 13 and in U-19 Boys were 16 School.Totally there were 19 school along with 150 players participated in the tournament.
The tournament started on 3rd August with the opening ceremony in which Mrs. Nisha Jain (Principal,Bakhshi's Springdales School,Chawani) and Rear Admiral Vineet Bakhshi(Retd) was the guest for the event. The First Day of the tournament Started with the 1st round matches. On 4th the quarter finals and the semi-final matches were lined-up. And on the last day of the tournament in U-14 and 19 Boys, the finals were played between Bakhshi's Springdales Sr.Sec.School and Emmanuel Mission,Talwandi. Bakhshi's Springdales Sr. Sec.School won 3-0 in U-14 Boys and 3-1 in the U-19 Boys. Dr.Girivar Giri was the Chief Guest for the closing ceremony.
Following are the result of U-14 and U-19 Boys:
U-14 BOYS:
3rd Position Shared by: Disha Delphi Public School and DAV (ACC) Public School ,Lakheri.
2nd Position: Emmanuel Mission School,Talwandi.
1st Position: Bakhshi Bakhshi's s Springdales Sr. Sec. School, Borkheda
U-19 BOYS:
3rd Position Shared by: Disha Delphi Public School and Central Academy, Shikshantar, Police Line.
2nd Position: Emmanuel Mission School,Talwandi.
1st Position: Bakhshi Bakhshi's s Springdales Sr. Sec. School, Borkheda.

Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya


"Yog is the fountain of youth. It Bakhshi's s exercise, meditation, and philosophy rolled into one."

Yog brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxing.

International Yog Day is celebrated in KenBridge School with great zeal under the aegis of Kota Sahodaya Complex every year. All the CBSE affiliated schools are invited to participate in this celebration where yoga is performed under a trained Yog instrustructor.

This year also the school held Yog event with same enthusiasm and many CBSE schools were welcomed.

The Principals were welcomed by pinning a Yoga brooch and offering a sapling as welcome token.

>International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21st every year .The celebration was an exuberant event with the enthusiastic participation of the large number of students. Warm up exercises were taken and all the students practiced & performed sitting and standing asanas,

importance of these were explained simultaneously. The celebration concluded with the speech of Principal KenBridge School Ms Vandana Singh. She encouraged students to practice regular yoga to remain fit and improve concentration. The school yog trainer conducted a number of activities ranging from asanas, pranayama to Suryanamaskar. The main attraction of the day was the performance of yogic dance by Ms Shireen Kaur the school Bakhshi's s Yoga trainer along with the students.

A sum of 500 participants perfomed various asanas showing the strength of Yoga .President Kota Sahodaya Mr Pradeep Singh Gour extended his wishes to the host school.

Thanks & Regards KenBridge School Kota

Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya
Inter School Drawing Competition 2023-24

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lala Shriram, an Inter-school Painting Competition was organised on 25.04.23 in Dr.Bansi Dhar School premises where around 24 prestigious schools of Kota participated in the competition comprising of 247 students.Following were the topics given for painting according to the grade of students-

Category A ( 5 years to 8 years ) - Your favorite cartoon character

Category B (9 years to 12 years ) - Man and environment

Category C (13 years to 16 years ) - Freedom and social change

C.O.O Shriram Rayons, Shri P.D.Bagla was the Chief Guest of the event. He appreciated the efforts of the students and gave wishes to the children for their glorious future .

The Judges were Shri Azgar Ali, Shri Rajendra Bairagi and Shri Atul Sharma.

The results of the Competition were as under -
Category A - Your favorite cartoon character

1 Ayan Sherwani Dr. Bansi Dhar School I
2 Ridham Jain MaheshwariPublic School II
3 Medhansh Army Public School III

Category B- Man and environment

1 Paridhi Jain Modi Public School I
2 Lavisha Pareta Dr. Bansi Dhar School II
3 Chahat Agarwal Disha Delphi Public School III

Category C - Freedom and social change

1 Soumya Jaiswani Lady Anusuya Singhania Educ.Centre I
2 Daivin Agarwal RoopnagarPublic School II
3 Pratha Vyas RoopnagarPublic School III

Students beautifully exhibited their creativity and imagination through pool of colors.

Kota Sahodaya

Kota Sahodaya
Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya


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