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Kota Sahodaya Complex
Culmination of Virtual Yoga Session

The session conducted under the aegis of Kota Sahodaya Complex got culminated today with the appraisal words by Kota Sahodaya Complex President Mr. Pradeep Singh Gour and KenBridge School Principal, Ms. Vandana Singh's Vote of thanks.

The session was the regular Yoga session, which consisted the routine yoga asanas with the mantra chantings. Keeping everyone's sedentary lifestyle in mind, the program was designed by KenBridge School in a very simple and effective way. It was very fruition as it was planned for one complete week under the very flexible and prudent Yoga instructor Ms. Shireen Kaur for the actively participating school fraternity of the city.

A few minutes of Yoga during the day can be a great way to get rid of stress that accumulates daily, in both, body and the mind. Yoga postures, Pranayama and meditation are effective techniques to release stress.Realizing the importance of healthy practices a Virtual one week program on Yoga under the aegis of Kota Sahodaya School Complex began today in KenBridge School .The session began by seeking the blessings of the Almighty by chanting the Mantras. The session was graced with the presence of the Chief Guest Mr Pradeep Singh Gaur, the President of Kota Sahodaya School Complex, reverend Principals of distinguished Schools of the city along with the worthy teachers.The Principal KenBridge School Ms Vandana Singh extended a welcome note to all the participants.

The complete Yoga program is being conducted by young and Dynamic Yoga Trainer Ms. Shireen, who is a certified Yoga instructor from Rishikesh.The President Kota Sahodaya School Complex Mr Pradeep Singh Gour motivated the participants and conveyed the importance of making yoga an integral part of daily life by extending the practice of yoga beyond the mat.The session was very refreshing, reviving and relaxing. The six days session shall have Asanas for relieving stress, enhancing the flexibility,developing concentration, reducing weight and developing agility.

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Kota Sahodaya   Kota Sahodaya


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